Rainy City Stories

Logotype for this online collection of poems and stories set in the notoriously wet city of Manchester.

90 Hairdressing

Sometimes, an elegant creative solution seems really obvious.
But only in retrospect...

Big Science Read

Launched in collaboration with the Manchester Science Festival, this was an initiative aimed at getting people reading and talking about science-themed books...

Free and Equal

A well established voluntary organisation working to promote equal rights for sexual minority groups in the global south.

Behind The Scenes

This British Council initiative takes leading UK theatre professionals overseas to deliver workshops
on what goes on backstage, for workers in the performing arts.

BT Livetime

A sub-brand symbol for the UK's first high quality TV-for-mobile broadcast entertainment service.

Kerry Danes

A firm of forensic psychologists, expert in unravelling the mysteries of the human mind, and solving the trickiest puzzles...

Love This

Love this logo for a website where people recommend cool stuff
to each other? Well, maybe you quite like it, then.


Based in Trinidad and Tobago,
the Centre for Energy Enterprise Development is a not-for-profit organisation investing in small energy businesses, to help them grow...


An online platform for unsigned bands, enabling them to get their music heard by a potential audience of millions.